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what is a whipple tree

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Whippletree (mechanism) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A whippletree or whiffletree is a mechanism to distribute force evenly through linkages. The mechanism may also be referred to as an equalizer, leader bar or .

The Whippletree Restaurant, Mexican Restaurant,
The Whippletree Restaurant, Evergreen restaurant, Mexican Restaurant, Outdoor Dining, Live Music, Happy Hour.

What's a Whippletree
We've been told by some locals that back in the horse and buggy days, whippletrees were repaired and swapped out in the area near The Whippletree .

The three photos below are Whipple-trees, used when horses (etc.) pull wagons. Note: Blaine Whipple reports that the objects in the photos are really called .

whippletree - definition of whippletree by the Free Online Dictionary ...
whip·ple·tree (hw p l-tr , w p -). n. Upper Northern U.S.. See whiffletree. See Regional Note at whiffletree. [Perhaps blend of dialectal whippin, whippletree and .

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Whippletree Yarn Shop
Whippletree Yarn Shop : - Yarns Accessories Patterns Whippletree Kits yarn, knit, knitting, needles, patterns, ecommerce, shop, online shopping.

What is a Whippletree anyway??
The Whippletree, (also known as the swivelltree, single tree, wiffletree, wiffle tree and whiffletree) is used with horses, to connect the two lines coming down both .

Whippletree - English Oak Suppliers
Seasoned English Oak for joinery manufacturers and builders/restorers. Wide plank traditional floorboarding in English Oak. Sustainable, naturally seasoned .

As a business Whippletree has been established for over 20 years. . Thousands of trees planted by Whippletree throughout the region testify to the application .

Whipple Tree Farm
Whipple Tree Farm is a horse riding and boarding facility. We offer riding lessons for beginners to advanced riders in both English and Western riding. There are .

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Whippletree Village in Wheeling, IL
Whippletree Village details, photos, maps, mobile homes for sale and rent - Wheeling, IL.