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roman desserts and snacks

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Ancient Roman Recipes
What were the Ancient Roman Dessert recipes like? . by the ancient Romans as a snack or as part of the first course of the Roman main meal called the Coena.

Roman Food
Roman Food - Dinner, the Coena, the First Course The main course was the dinner which usually consisted of three courses. The first course were snacks would .

Roman Snacks
This was a common addition to Roman food. The closest modern equivalent would be Nam Pla, Thai fish sauce. Passum A sweet wine sauce. This is made by .

Roman Foods
The Romans also bred wild animals such as hares and boars, which were roasted and served. . The general term for any grain grown for food is frumentum. . **merenda - in the early times, it referred to dinner, but later it referred to snack.

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NOVA | Ancient Roman Recipes
Nov 1, 2000 . The Romans referred to their dessert course as mensa secunda, or "second meal ." They satisfied their fondness for sweets with desserts such .

Ancient Roman cuisine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Romans distinguished between grapes for wine-making and grapes as food. Raisins were also produced. After grapes, figs and .

Roman Lentil Puls | Mediterranean Snack Food Company
Jun 24, 2011 . Enjoy your lentils Roman style! This recipe comes from a book written by the Roman physician Anthimus around 500 B.C. “Lentils are good .

History of Lentils Lentils in Greece and Rome | Mediterranean Snack ...
Jun 24, 2011 . Lentils were a common food in ancient Greece and Rome. Learn how to make lentil soup from and ancient Roman recipe! - Recipes - Roman Sweet Snack Food
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Snacks in Rome for Budget Travel - Parla Food
Jan 26, 2010 . Rome is a snacking paradise. One could graze for hours on pizza al taglio, fritti, and gelato. Check out my post for Budget for some .