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highest paid nurse practitoner jobs

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Nurse Salary Levels: High-Paying Nursing Jobs | Monster
Here are seven top-paying jobs in the profession, covering a range of positions and . Most states require nurse practitioners (NPs) to work collaboratively with .

Best Jobs in America 2009 - Top 50: Nurse Practitioner - Money ...
Edwidge Thomas is a nurse practitioner at NYU Nursing Faculty Practice in . Some, like Anne O'Neil, make the trains run. Watch. Top 3. HIGH PAY; JOB .

Best Jobs in America 2010 - Top 100: Nurse Practitioner - Money ...
Do Nurse Practitioners have great jobs, or what? Nurse Practitioner stats. Pay. Median pay (experienced), $86000. Top pay, $110000. Opportunity. 10-year job .

Highest Paying Nursing Careers - What are the Highest Paying ...
Top 3 Nursing Careers: Highest Paying Nursing Careers . A nurse practitioner is a mid-level provider who provides patient care under the supervision of a .

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National Salary Report 2010 on ADVANCE for NPs & PAs
Feb 1, 2011 . Among nurse practitioners, work in an emergency department . Mental health was the third highest pay producer for NPs ($100914), yet it was .

Nurse Practitioner Career Guide-Nurse Practitioner Salary
Learn the salary potential of a nurse practitioner. . Nurse Practitioner Jobs . Nurse practitioners nowadays are considered to be one of the best paid .

Top 10 highest paying nursing specialties | Scrubs The Leading ...
Dec 15, 2010 . Pay shouldn't be your only consideration when deciding on a specialty, but . The most common areas of specialty for nurse practitioners are family practice, . Midwives will often have to work unpredictable hours (due to the .

Nursing Careers - Family Nurse Practitioner
Feb 19, 2009 . Job description for becoming a family nurse practitioner who . family nurse practitioners are some of the best-paid nurses in the field.

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What is the highest paying job area for a nurse practitioner (in the ...
...a nursing service, which is why my ex-sister-in-law began to work for a nursing service rather than directly for a hospital. The difficulty is that the .'s-health/